Easily manage and share 3D models

Connect your SOLIDWORKS® CAD to the cloud to enhance collaboration, streamline data management, and accelerate product development

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Decreased revision errors by 20 percent

“By maintaining effective data revision management in the cloud, we have reduced our manufacturing defect costs by about 20 percent. With fewer errors, we have also seen our prototyping costs reduced by 30 percent. I think that the most important aspect of working in the cloud is the establishment of a collaborative environment, which makes it easy to collaborate with internal/external partners.”

– Dr. Sangbin Yim, CEO, Roborisen

Need to Convince Your Co-Workers?

With 3DEXPERIENCE® Works you can extend your current investment in SOLIDWORKS® to transform your entire product development process from concept to production. Learn more about the benefits of connecting all of your people, data and applications on a single innovation platform.

Executive Team

Grow your business and retain customers

Product Managers

Improve product development processes

IT Leaders

Enhance scalability and security

Secure a competitive advantage and accelerate innovation with 3DEXPERIENCE Works

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