Companies using SOLIDWORKS® can now leverage the new value offers from the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works portfolio to improve every area of their business, from design to validation through to manufacturing. Whether it is BOM management, advanced multiphysics simulation, or fabrication and machining, 3DEXPERIENCE Works value offers have you covered. Select and pay only for the tools your business needs, and only when you need them.

Get to Market Faster with the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Value Offers

Cloud PLM Standard

Gain access to BOM management and project planning tools, fully connected with product development data

  • Collaboratively manage engineering product definition from early stage to final definition across multiple disciplines
  • Carry out your projects with simple and assisted, team-based interactive planning, execution and monitoring, fully connected with product development data

Cloud PLM Professional

Leverage multi-CAD structure visualization, digital mockup, and change management capabilities

CLOUD PLM Standard


  • Manage, visualize, explore and mockup multi-CAD product structures
  • Collaborate on proposed changes and change assessments with a global product team; implement  product changes through an automated process

Cloud PLM Premium

Engage all product development stakeholders from design, engineering, and manufacturing to purchasing and management

CLOUD PLM Professional


  • Securely organize, classify and retrieve IP, ensuring consistent product definition and specification across functional groups
  • Centralize the process of key supplier information and relationship definition
  • Build the connection between engineering and sourcing. Streamline external component introduction, approval and qualification process
  • Define, deploy and maintain the enterprise integration framework in production

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